Who we are

Well Grounded is a group of activists who are passionate about sustaining activism from the inside out, encouraging a climate of looking after ourselves and each other so that we can keep on the fight for a better world.

We observe that activism is often physically and emotionally exhausting, involves going to boundaries and often beyond them, and can at times feel hopeless, uncomfortable and overwhelming. To be able to carry on doing what we do, we recognise the importance of taking care of our needs, stopping sometimes to rest, finding space for our feelings before they get on top of us, and staying connected with each other and ourselves.

What we do

*On-action support spaces for recovering & re-charging (quiet held spaces for listening, tea, resting, massage etc.)

*“Roaming” support at actions / demos

*Referrals for post-action trauma support (links with trained counsellors)

*Monthly drop-in space in London: support, networking, idea-gathering –> Details here https://wellgroundedactivistsupport.wordpress.com/

*Facilitating post-action debriefing sessions

*Workshops on sustaining activism

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