Drop-in support space for activists – sustain your action from the inside – NO DROP IN AUGUST 2nd


Hello everyone

Unfortunately we don’t have enough people available to run the Wellgrounded drop-in space at Toynbee Hall this Sunday (August 2nd, 2015). We’re really sorry if you were thinking of coming along.
We haven’t seen many people at the drop in recently. We’re thinking about different ways of supporting activist/social change groups.
We’d love to visit meetings to have a brief chat (perhaps just 10 minutes) about your group’s needs, how it works and your thoughts on how our group can be more relevant to groups like yours.
We hope this might feed in to some workshops in the autumn.
Please get in touch if you think we could come to your group some time, or if you have any comments or ideas
The Wellgrounded group
PS. We’d really appreciate it if you could pass this message on to anyone who might be aware of the space who we might not be aware of. Thank you very much.

What is the Drop In?….

Drop in for…Confidential, non-judgemental listening and support

Signposting to other sources of support

A cup of tea and a chat

Sharing ideas on how we could change our groups’ dynamics to make them sustainable

Requests for support on upcoming actions

From time to time we may be able to offer physical therapies.

Whether you’re new to social change and its emotional see-saws, or you’ve been at it for years, and whether you’re stressing/freaking/burning out, or just want to check in, you’ll be very welcome.

Who we are

Well Grounded is a group of activists who are passionate about sustaining activism from the inside out, encouraging a climate of looking after ourselves and each other so that we can keep on the fight for a better world.

We observe that activism is often physically and emotionally exhausting, involves going to boundaries and often beyond them, and can at times feel hopeless, uncomfortable and overwhelming. To be able to carry on doing what we do, we recognise the importance of taking care of our needs, stopping sometimes to rest, finding space for our feelings before they get on top of us, and staying connected with each other and ourselves.

What we do

*On-action support spaces for recovering & re-charging (quiet held spaces for listening, tea, resting, massage etc.)

*“Roaming” support at actions / demos

*Referrals for post-action trauma support (links with trained counsellors)

*Monthly drop-in space in London: support, networking, idea-gathering

*Facilitating post-action debriefing sessions

*Workshops on sustaining activism

Sunday Drop In Sessions, venue and directions

Directions to the Wellbeing Centre: –  From Aldgate East tube station turn up Commercial Street towards Shoreditch, on the right (three minutes walk) is the main external entrance to Toynbee Hall. Walk into the grounds with gardens on your left and turn left onto the raised courtyard with the cafe at your back. Ahead of you, slightly to the right, take the short walkway between Atlee House and Ashby Hall and the Wellbeing Centre  is through a green iron gateway on your left (press silver button for access).

For more information, support, or to invite us to an action/debriefing, get in touch at:


Please forward to anyone you think may be interested!

Please let us know if you would like to recieve emails from us: at well-grounded@riseup.net
Will be an email every few months or so with reminders about the drop-in sessions or other activities we are organising